EVERYTHING THAT IS YOU - Short Film - 2017

Editor & Co-Producer. EVERYTHING THAT IS YOU premiered at the SXSW AFS Shortcase 2018.

THE BEAUTY BEYOND - Short Film - 2015

Writer, Director & Editor.

BEANS OF DESTINY - Short Film - 2013

Writer, Editor & Composer

Rooster Teeth

Videos that I edit, write, shoot and/or appear in for Rooster Teeth. Shows include Death Battle, RT Life, Top 10, The Desk of Death Battle, Death Battle Cast, Extra Life and more!

My YouTube Channel

Mash Ups, Podcasts and more. New videos every week. 


Evil Dead Meets The Cabin in the Woods - (Mash Up)

Promotional Videos

Camera Operator, Sound Designer & Editor



Writer for the popular "Top 10" YouTube channel


Short Documentary 

Director, Editor, Composer & Camera Operator